Roger Chase

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Adjunct Professor, Photography



Educational Background

B.A.  Michigan State University

I am...

I love to teach photography and to enable students to master the skills necessary to proceed in the photo world. My teaching style centers around shooting on a daily basis, and less on lecture.  I am a gawker and a walker.  My interests are wide and include what each of my students capture with their cameras.

My career at Alma began in


I'm an expert in

Photography, small scale farming, business development, great hikes in the U.S.

My expertise:

Film processing and printing.  Camera functions, alternative lighting, back country travel

Signature course(s):

Art 224 Art 225 Art 228

Recent publications:

The One Day Attempt - 365 days capturing images

Recent presentations:

Great Michigan Art Exhibition Invitational 2020

Creative work:

Roger Chase

Connect with me:

Roger Chase, Instagram, RogerChase/Photographic Reverie Facebook

Studio lessons:

Studio lessons available for interested individuals by appointment. 

I've led

I’ve led people down both the right and wrong path.  Come for a hike and lets see where the light takes us!