Monica Rosen


Visiting Instructor



Educational Background

B.S. Psychology, minor Cognitive Science, University of Central Florida

M.A. Psychology (Cognitive-track), minor Innovative Learning Technologies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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I'm an expert in

Cognitive Psychology

Signature course(s):


Recent publications:

Neta, M., Tong, T. T., Rosen, M. L., Enersen, A., Kim, M. J., & Dodd, M. D. (2017). All in the first glance: first fixation predicts individual differences in valence bias. Cognition and Emotion31(4), 772-780.


Fulvio, J. M., Rosen, M. L., & Rokers, B. (2015). Sensory uncertainty leads to systematic misperception of the direction of motion in depth. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics77(5), 1685-1696.

Recent presentations:

Rosen, M.L., Mills, M., Dalmaijer, E., van der Stigel, S., Dodd, M. (2019). The relationship between eye-movements and memory performance during scene viewing is influenced by viewing mode. Invited Speaker at elucid8 Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI.

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