Our Time is Now Campaign

Annual Giving

Annual giving is the lifeblood of Alma College’s philanthropy program.

  • Annual giving describes renewable gifts that support Alma’s budget for the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Support for the endowment or facilities is not considered an “annual gift.”  Alma aims to raise at least $1,000,000 in annual gifts per fiscal year during the campaign, totaling at least $8,400,000.
  • The tuition, room, and board bills that Alma students pay each year cover just 80% of the institution’s yearly expenses. As a private institution, Alma does not receive state support from tax revenues.
  • The remaining 20% of Alma’s yearly expenditures come from philanthropy and from other revenue sources (auxiliary services, summer camps, bookstore profits, etc.).
  • Annual gift dollars have the same impact as tuition dollars – they fund everything that makes Alma special. Every annual gift dollar received represents one less dollar that students must provide.

Annual gifts to Alma College are tremendously important, worthwhile, and productive investments.

  • Annual gifts keep Alma as competitive as possible by reducing the costs incurred by students. They also enhance the quality and number of the college’s programs.  In this way, annual gifts from alumni represent investments in themselves – in the strength and health of their pedigrees and their home.
  • Annual gifts are strong demonstrations of pride and gratitude. All Alma College graduates have benefitted from the kindness and generosity of philanthropists who came before them.
  • U.S. News and World Report determines the national ranking of all colleges and universities based in part on the percentage of their alumni that give back. Every annual gift, especially from alumni, improves Alma’s national ranking and enhances others’ perceptions of the college. 

Annual gift donors may direct their support according to their unique interests and passions.

  • Annual giving donors can address Alma’s greatest needs through the Alma Fund, which supports financial aid (34%), instruction (23%), student services (17%), academics (9%), and operations (17%). Donors can also support the Scot Scholarship Fund, which provides immediate-use tuition assistance.
  • Gifts to the Academic Excellence Fund enable Alma’s Provost to strengthen vital academic programs as needed.
  • Gifts to the Scot Loyalty Fund (Athletics) enhance the experience for the student-athletes who represent Alma on and off the playing field. Such gifts further cement Alma’s growing championship culture.
  • Donors may also direct their annual gifts to their favorite parts of Alma College, including an academic department, athletic team, or student group.

Annual giving is an ongoing effort. Annual Giving now.


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