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Kyle Travis

My hometown when I was a student was:

Shepherd, MI

I graduated from Alma in:


I studied:

Economics & Business Administration

I currently live in:

Ada, MI

I am now:

Vice President of Investments at Stifel Financial in Grand Rapids, M

Since graduating from Alma:

I have spent my entire career (10 years) at Stifel, married my beautiful wife, Emily in 2013 and welcomed the arrival of our daughter, Madison in 2017

My Alma education:

Instilled a love for knowledge and the confidence to hit the ground running as a graduate.

My favorite place(s) on campus included:

The fraternity house I belonged to and lived in. That structure is now gone, but its spirit lives on with the DGT house that sits there now.

My favorite professor(s) included:

Mueller, Cunningham and Lemmon.

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is:

Winning a MIAA Men’s golf tournament.

How Alma has helped with my current plan/job/graduate school/etc.:

Alma College marked an inflection point in my life. The atmosphere on campus enriched my aptitude for critical thinking & gave me many lifelong friends and influencers. My Freshman Economics classes introduced me to a new passion I didn’t realize I had, and cemented my desire to pursue a career in the finance and investment industry.

How I have given back to Alma since graduation

I donate financially each year to the Alma Fund, but more impactful, I donate my time. I often return to campus as a guest speaker and advocate for the College. Alma provided me a launching pad for my life and career – I have a strong desire to give back.

Advice I would give a new graduate:

Reach out to other Alma alumni in your area – many have a strong desire to help fellow grads if they can.

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