Emily Esser ’19


Jackson, MI


Economics and Psychology

Type of Alma Venture experience:


Summary of your experience:

I was a Financial Advising Intern at Raymond James, Ann Arbor.

What did you learn as a result of this experience?

I have gained knowledge about the financial field that I would not have been able to obtain in the classroom. This experience really showed me that I can always learn on the job. It has also given me a peek into a possible career path, which I ended up really enjoying. I was never bored while at work and the tasks interested me. I feel as though I have grown as a person, become more independent and confident in myself, and am excited for the future.

How has your Alma Venture solidified or altered your career goals?

Before I graduate in a year, I will be looking to see if it is possible to take a few financially based class, perhaps something to do with investment.  I believe learning more would better prepare me for a job in the financial field. I also would like to obtain materials and begin studying for the CFP test in order to become a certified financial planner in the future. This experience will better prepare me to interview and obtain a job in the financial field. I have learned many valuable skills that will be applicable in any job I take/ interview for in the future, such as excel skills, money management, and working with clients to prepare for their future.

What was the most rewarding experience during your Alma Venture?

I enjoyed being able to learn from my coworkers and boss, who have been in the field for years, as I believe this is the best way to learn about a specific job. It was also cool learning about my coworkers’ pasts. One was an attorney before taking this job, another had a Master’s in Environmental Science, but they were both so skilled in their job as financial advisors. Again, this was reassuring that I can apply my not-so-conventional background to many jobs and end up doing great.

What advice would you give a student considering this type of Alma Venture?

? I would recommend this experience to other students. Internships are an excellent way to learn hands-on and immerse yourself in a field you are interested in. You can pick the brains of professionals in the field and gain skills quickly by actually doing the work.