Drew Emge

Drew Emge says Model UN helped him plug into his passion. “I loved researching, debating about and proposing solutions to address the political, social and economic implications surrounding human health around the world,” he explains. Building on his Model UN experiences, Drew applied for two of Alma’s Posey Global Fellowships. One P-Global sent him to South Africa where he was an HIV prevention and management intern at a clinic, and a second led him to Tanzania to teach HIV prevention.

When he graduated from Alma, Drew was accepted to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He completed a one-year Master of Science program in control of infectious diseases and spent a summer in South Africa completing research for his master’s dissertation on health care policy, practice and uptake regarding HSV-2 and HIV medicines.

“My time in London and Johannesburg made me realize I wanted to do both public health and medicine,” Drew says. He accepted his deferred admission to Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine and following his first year, participated in an internship with the National Institutes of Health. “I worked on a project that was investigating how to make a vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, the leading cause of pneumonia in newborns and the elderly,” he explains. “I remain interested in infectious disease medicine with a focus on global health and development.”

Drew is in Africa on a one-year fellowship with the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation in Zambia before finishing his final year of medical school.