Cardell Johnson

Cardell Johnson entered Alma College with a keen interest in the environment. “Model UN provided me with a great foundation for learning how to conduct in-depth re- search, speak in public and successfully, yet tactfully, negotiate,” says the 2002 graduate. Those essential skills, along with the chance to research complex subjects like climate change, biodiversity and deforestation, have been critical to Cardell’s professional success.

“With Model UN, I saw an opportunity to study environ- mental issues at the global level,” he says. Cardell put Model UN’s global perspective into practice by traveling to the U.S./ Mexico border, where he helped implement a water infra- structure project with the International Boundary and Water Commission.

Cardell also used his extensive knowledge and research skills to write an honors thesis on deforestation policies in Latin America and their impact on global climate change. “Because I had a very good understanding of the basic issues, I was able to take a more in-depth look at the policies and interview Costa Rican government of officials and other field experts,” Cardell says.

Cardell earned a Master of Public Affairs degree from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He is currently a senior policy advisor to the chief of staff in the EPA’s Office of the Inspector General.