Religious Studies

Michael McDonald

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Religious Studies

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Since graduating from Alma

I worked five years in the Healthcare sector doing food service. It is amazing how applicable religious studies was for that job. Everything from having a diverse work environment, the spiritual needs of patients and guests, to just casual conversation had me reflect what it means to be graduate from a liberal arts college. To this day, I continue to read up on world religions, study German, and try to challenge myself to grow. An alumnus/ alumna from Alma is a student for life. I see this in myself and my class mates. This is regardless of what jobs, internship, or education path they pursue.

My Alma education

Alma College had one theme that is still real for me today. You cannot grow without being challenged. By putting me out of my comfort zone, Alma has prepared me to work five years doing food service in the healthcare sector, to make new friends from various religious and political backgrounds, and to not be afraid to do new things. This has been both stressful and liberating; however, emphasis on liberating.

My favorite place(s) on campus included

My favorite building on campus had to be the library. Regardless of your field of study, there is something there for everyone. That place is a treasure trove. I also liked the computer lab in SAC as it was the first place I ever used a Mac desktop. I enjoyed challenging myself learning a different operating system there. Outside of buildings though, the Alma College campus is beautiful and full of trees. I love all of it. Near the Heritage Centre, there are some coniferous trees that form a natural tent.

My favorite professors(s) included

Every professor that I met had an impact on me and thus I can’t really choose a favorite. I will however make special mention of Dr. Sonya Sheffert who was one of the first professors I had. Despite her passing away at the end of my first year, the lessons and advice she gave both in and outside of the classroom stuck with me even today.

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is

My first-year orientation was a blast. It really shook me to my core to go to required social events. This made me grow to become a better socializer. It was a symbol that my time at Alma would be of serious study and meaningful social engagement.