Chris Nolan





I'm involved in:

Chapel, New Life, PMA, Pine River Anthology, and Sigma Tau Delta

After I graduate, I plan to:

Seminary or go for a masters in creative writing

My favorite place on campus is:

Bench in front of SAC

Some of my favorite professors include:

Dr. Aspinall, Dr. Vivien, Dr. Von Wolmenich, and Dr. Wasserman

So far, my favorite class(es) have been:

Always a River: Fly Fishing in Literature, Best Sellers of the Information Age, Fiction Workshop

My greatest accomplishment at Alma is:

I was the editor for my professor’s book

I'd advise an Alma freshman to:

Always go on adventures with your friends, whether it be late at night or early in the morning

What I like most about studying at Alma is:

The people

My favorite part about living on campus is:

Everything is close