Religious Studies

Cassandra Florian

Class of


My hometown is

Grand Ledge

My major(s):

History and Religious Studies

My minor(s)


I'm involved in:

The Kappa Iota Sorority

After I graduate I plan to

Hopefully going to Graduate School for Library Science

My favorite place on campus is

The Library. I find it very relaxing.

Some of my favorite professors include

Dr. Blanchard and Dr. Wasserman

So far, my favorite class(es) has/have been

Probably either my religion course on existentialism or my history course on Inquisitions

My greatest accomplishment at Alma is

Tackling several upper level courses while still staying active in my sorority.

I'd advise an Alma freshman to

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what your major will be or even what you’ll do with it, just take some time to explore different fields because more likely than not you’ll just stumble upon what it is you really want to do.

I'd tell a student considering coming to Alma

Go with your gut and come visit! Deciding where to go for the next four years is a pretty daunting task. Visiting Alma and talking to staff really helped me to make my decision.

What I like most about studying at Alma is

The ability to study many different subjects

My favorite part about living on campus is

Having such a close community of friends around you.

I went to

Although I haven’t gone abroad yet I did get the opportunity to travel to Calvin College and MSU to visit their special collection libraries and handle rare books. For me, this was an amazing experience that really helped me to realize my desire to work in special collections as a career.