Cecily Lahey


French, New Media Studies

I'm involved in:

Chinese Club, Tea Time with God, Short Stack Film Club, French Club

After I graduate, I plan to:

Be a graduate

My favorite place on campus is:

The trees behind Bruske; the benches outside the south campus dorms; the chapel; the nook on the library upper floor with all the big windows looking down on everyone running from Gelston to class

Some of my favorite professors include:

This is obviously a trick question. But I especially like the ones with good senses of humor.

So far, my favorite class(es) have been:

Too many choices! The most interesting class I’ve had here might be the History of Ancient Rome. But chorale is the most fun. And the most adventurous was Backpack Filmmaking in Italy.

My greatest accomplishment at Alma is:

Staying peaceful and happy when life is chaos

I'd advise an Alma freshman to:

Relax. Sure, time flies, but there’s no need to get too caught up in fear of the future or in the pressure to accomplish ALL the legendary deeds your biographers will someday record ALL right away. Yes, do what needs to be done, one step at a time, and try new things. But save as much time as possible for just enjoying life. That’s when you make the best memories. Also, don’t take everything so seriously! You need to save your seriousness for the very few things that actually matter.

My favorite part about living on campus is:

All the groups and events that make it possible to constantly pick up new skills and explore interests outside your specialty. It’s heaven for the Renaissance man.