Office of Alumni Engagement

Tom McGuire

My hometown when I was a student was:

Lincoln, MI

I graduated from Alma in:


I studied:

Major - History, Minors - French & Economics

I currently live in:

Chicago, IL

I am now:

an assistant varsity baseball coach in the Chicago Public Schools system at Von Steuben HS, a youth travel baseball coach and I work in the financial industry at CME Group.

Since graduating from Alma:

I’ve had the good fortune to be able to explore my passions and interests. Part of that exploration has included travel - I’ve been to Japan twice to watch baseball and plan to go back this summer. I’ve also been able to coach baseball for the better part of 4 years which has taught me so much about how to approach life situations and be a better person.

My Alma education:

exposed me to such a broad range of experiences and people. It is such a wonderful place to learn. I’m happy where I am at now but I’m sometimes jealous of the opportunity that Alma students get to explore and learn. I love taking notes and learning, so I do that whenever I can.

My favorite place(s) on campus included:

Bruske Hall, Saga, the Rec Center and the Library stacks

My favorite professor(s) included:

Bob Cunningham, Julie Arnold, Kate Blanchard, Kristin Olbertson, Liping Bu, Michael Yavenditti

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is:

There are so many - it’s hard to pick just one. Spring break senior year, playing baseball, writing for the Almanian, spending time and doing activities with friends, dinners in Saga, creative writing with Rybicki, study abroad in France, band concerts, graduation.

How Alma has helped with my current plan/job/graduate school/etc.:

Alma exposed me to so many people and experiences that I would have never thought possible on my own. It taught me that through hard work, anything is within my grasp. I received my current job through a fellow Alma alum, Kim Taylor.

How I have given back to Alma since graduation

I’ve attended homecoming every year since graduation, plus other events on campus such as the fall indoor band shows, athletic events and other receptions. I also served a term on the college’s Alumni Board. I’ve supported the Chicago in-city interview program, offering informational interviews and advice to current students. I’ve also returned to the classroom two times, once in person to talk to Dr. Cunningham’s economics class about my job and another time virtually to give advice to history majors on potential career options.

Advice I would give a new graduate:

Growth doesn’t end once you graduate from Alma – it’s only the beginning. Explore your interests whenever possible, embrace gratitude and realize that difficult moments in your life may be preparing you for the good ones. You often cannot control the circumstances that you find yourself in, but you can always control how you respond.