Admissions Office

Mackenzie Harris

Class of


My hometown is


My major(s):

Art and Design

My concentration:

Graphic Design

I'm involved in:

I am the president of Love Your Melon, Outgoing membership Vice President and incoming Public Relations Vice President of the Zeta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, head of retention fo Colleges Against Cancer and Relay for Life. I currently the intern for the Vice President of Admissions, Amanda Slenski.

After I graduate I plan to

continue my education by getting a master’s in Creative Art Directing

My favorite place on campus is

the comfortable booths in Saga by Ms. Nancy

Some of my favorite professors include

Dr. Hill in the chemistry department, Jillian Dickson in the art department, Dr. Ball in the IPHS department, and Dr. Fobes in the sociology department.

So far, my favorite class(es) has/have been

Beginning Drawing with Jillian Dickson. This was my first art class after changing my major to art and design. This class made me feel as if I have finally found where I should be.

My greatest accomplishment at Alma is

My freshmen year I joined Love Your Melon and within the next year I became president. While I have been apart of Love Your Melon we have sold and donated over 600 hats to children with cancer. I have been able to organize 4 different hospital visits and donation events as well as fundraising events around campus. This is a foundation that is very near and dear to my heart and I am honored that I am able to be the president of such a great crew. 

I'd advise an Alma freshman to

get involved get involved get involved!!!! Alma has so many opportunities to get involved in whatever you are passionate about. My college experience would not be the same without all of the organizations I am apart of. 

I'd tell a student considering coming to Alma

come visit! Whether you are coming for sports, theater, art, travel, major programs, or anything else, come see it in action. Once you see for yourself how beneficial the individual attention you get from coaches, faculty, and professors is you will realize how important an Alma experience is.

What I like most about studying at Alma is

how everyone knows each other. Due to the school being so small you really get to know everyone. I personally love walking down the stairs of the library and be able to know everyone I am passing, it makes me feel very safe and comfortable. I love my Scots! 

My favorite part about living on campus is

how close everything is. I am a small school girl and the thought of having to walk 45 minutes to class gives me goosebumps. I think I take for granted the fact that I can leave for my 1:30 at 1:20 and get there 5 minutes early. 

I went to

London! In May of 2017 I traveled to London with a group of Alma students. This was a Sociology course called Women, Work and Calling with Dr. Fobes. While in London we studied the lives of women who found their vocations while helping others. We stayed in the heart of London in our own flats and took the time to explore and travel the beautiful city as well as a few towns outside of central London. We also took an excursion to a small farm that housed women who were refugees, in witness protection programs, and women that have come from abusive homes and relationships. The women lived all together in poverty on this farm. We stayed at the farm for two days. Most of the women at the farm would not speak but still were very kind and hospitable to us. I was fortunate enough to connect with one of the women and she shared her entire heartbreaking story with me. It was an amazing experience that opened my eyes to many things. I would not have been able to experience this without the platform Alma College has provided me.