Spencer Wehner ’20


Art (Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA])


Art History

I'm involved in:

Alma College Chapel, Kappa Pi Art Honorary

After I graduate, I plan to:

Move to Grand Rapids with my roommate and find some artsy jobs!

My favorite place on campus is:

Clack Art Center upstairs loft

Some of my favorite professors include:

Professor Jillian Dickson!

So far, my favorite class(es) have been:

Advanced Drawing and Painting; Wheel Throwing

My greatest accomplishment at Alma is:

Graduating! Or this year when I show my Senior Show in the campus art gallery.

I'd advise an Alma freshman to:

Go home if you want to go home; don’t feel like you need to stay here every day or every weekend. Don’t feel like you have to be friends with the first people you talk to; you’ll find your people, or they’ll find you. RELAX!

What I like most about studying at Alma is:

I like that the teachers I have know my name and my individual needs, especially in my specific department. The art department is the coolest place I know.

My favorite part about living on campus is:

I get to be close to the Alma campus community, which helps us all feel like a family.