Gabrielle Fazio

What is your current position, and where?

I’m working as an RN at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Clinton Twp, MI on their Labor and Delivery unit.

Are there specific things/people that you feel really prepared you for success on the NCLEX, in your current position, or for the rest of your career?

In studying for the NCLEX, I used the Saunders prep book and the UWorld NCLEX application to study, but it was truly the habits I formed from attending Alma that gave me the tools to succeed in studying. In my current position, I’ve received plenty of on-site training that has helped me prepare, but my classmates from Alma have been an invaluable tool in sharing stories of how different units function and different cases we’ve each had or situations we’ve been placed in. It’s been really nice to reach out to my friends and ask them if they’ve seen certain conditions or situations and share insight.

Is there anything else that you would share that would help someone understand the identity of the program? Things that stood out about the culture of the program?

 I feel that the Alma College nursing program not only prepared me for the rigors of working as a nurse, but also taught me invaluable lessons about how to treat my patients and coworkers and the importance of taking care of myself in the process. Nursing is truly a work of heart, and the culture of Alma’s program from the very start has embodied that concept and ingrained it into each student. I’m very proud that when my patients or their families ask me where I went to school I can say “Alma College”.