Mallory Simon

What is your current position, and where?

Mallory Simon RN, BSN Nurse Resident at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Hematology and Oncology Unit

Are there specific things/people that you feel really prepared you for success on the NCLEX, in your current position, or for the rest of your career?

Dr. Mckenna was vital to the success that I have experienced in the early stages of my nursing career. Whether it was spending countless hours after class in her office reviewing materials or chatting on the phone over pivotal life decisions, Dr. Mckenna continuously went above and beyond to ensure that we were fulfilling our potential not only in the classroom, but supported us beyond the academic realm as well.

The rigorous nursing curriculum and academic expectations of the nursing program at Alma college provided me with a sound educational foundation as I began to prepare for the NCLEX exam. During my time in the nursing program, we were required to take HESI exams online to track our progress and highlight areas of strength and weakness. This constructive feedback was extremely insightful and provided an outline for the continuation of my studying journey. I proceeded to use my Saunder’s Comprehensive NCLEX Review guide as well as multiple online test preparation questions. Repetition is key.

After graciously accepting the position as a nurse resident at VUMC (Vanderbilt University Medical Center), the guidance and patience of the Vanderbilt nurse educators and employees eased the transition from student to medical professional. The nurse residency curriculum at Vanderbilt provides new nurses with invaluable information and hands on experiences to prepare us for the responsibilities and challenges we may face on the floor. With numerous classroom/discussion hours in addition to interactive simulations, I noticed myself gaining confidence and beginning to develop and refine my nursing identity prior to even stepping foot on the unit.

As far as my future aspirations in the profession, I plan to gain as much experience and knowledge as I can from my colleges and the opportunities available to be at VUMC. I hope to continue my education on a graduate/doctorate level and to evolve and expand as an individual and medical professional.

Is there anything else that you would share that would help someone understand the identity of the program? Things that stood out about the culture of the program?

Although there are countless identifying characteristics that make the nursing program at alma so unique, the culture of the program and the emphasis on community has left a lasting impact on my nursing practice and the medical professional I strive to become. Alma taught me that beyond the textbooks and medical terminology, a patient and their family are placing their trust in you as their nurse and are looking to you for guidance and trust in a time of vulnerability and sickness. Nursing is far more than fulfilling tasks and administering medications, we are advocates for our patients and work to better ourselves on a daily basis to provide the best possible care for our patients. I am forever thankful for the opportunities that were presented to me at Alma college.