POL 115M/315M — Ethnic Politics Case Studies: Scotland

Course Description:

In September 2014 a referendum was held in Scotland asking the Scots if they wished to become an independent country; independence was rejected 55% to 45%. In June 2016, while a slight majority of people in the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, an overwhelming majority of Scots voted to “remain.” And in June 2017, while the Conservatives lost power to Labour in the national elections, support for the Conservatives increased dramatically in Scotland. In short, Scottish politics are significantly and consistently out of sync with the UK as a whole, which some scholars argue is the effect of a growing sense of Scottishness in Scotland. This course explores identity and politics in Scotland by traveling to a wide variety of locations, meeting with diverse people, and reading three Scottish “nationalist” novels in their settings, including one by instructor Ken Steven.  Students will keep journals, which will be graded. Students in POL 315 will be required to complete an original research paper as part of the course.


Dr. Britt Cartrite




For POL 315 — one 200-level POL course

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