HUM180M — Geography and the Bible

Course Description:

We explore how geography, culture and spiritual experience influenced the writing and meaning of the Bible and what we can learn about the original context of these narratives.  So as to better understand its geography we study the remarkable journeys of key biblical characters. While in Chicago for a week, we visit the Middle Eastern exhibits at the Oriental Institute on the University of Chicago campus, and take tours of a Synagogue, a Mosque and a Christian Church in the greater Chicago area. As the course covers the biblical history and geography of Israel and the Middle East these visits offer you a look at life in the ancient ME, examples of amazing antiquities, as well as exposure to places of worship that differ from those with which you may be familiar. While in Chicago there’s also plenty of free time to explore the city and its amazing attractions including an all-inclusive visit to a museum of your choice and breathtaking views of Chicago from the famous John Hancock tower.


Mr. Rory Douglas



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