GRM 380M/HUM 180M – Remembrance of the Past: Holocaust and the Cold War in Berlin

Course Description:

After spending 6 days on campus for discussions and visual arts on modern German history and culture, the course will move to Berlin, Germany, one of the world’s most vibrant metropolises. We will visit the historic sites on guided tours to learn about the five different political systems of the 20th Century that have shaped Berlin and the German history. A trip to Auschwitz will allow us to reflect on the horrific crimes that the Nazis committed to the Jewish people. We will also attend the famous Berlin Philharmonic concert and other cultural festivals, learn about the victims of the Shoah and the “Stasi”; interview Berliners who lived through the Cold War; meet with scholars and students from the Free University of Berlin, listen to lectures by German writers, etc.  The course covers a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects, opens a new horizon of knowledge, and provides life-changing experience.


Dr. Holly Liu




HUM 180 – None; GRM 380 – Permission.

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