ENG 180M/380M/ENV 180M/380M Mythology and Geology of Greece

Course Description:

Greece and the Greek Isles nurtured a civilization whose impact on literature, politics, and philosophy continues to the day.  They are also home to some of the most distinctive and important geology in the world.  This course will explore the physical forces, which shaped Greek landscapes, then look at the way these landscapes in turn helped shape the history and culture of the people who lived on them.  It will visit sites that illustrate the geological mechanisms, which formed the region’s distinctive beauty, and discuss historic events like the catastrophic 1686 B.C.E. volcanic eruption on Santorini, which affected settlements across the Mediterranean.  The course will also explore how Greek literature, from ancient works like the Odyssey to modern classics like Zorba the Greek, uses this environment to trace the human condition.  Sites of study will most likely include Athens, Rhodes, Santorini, and Crete.


This course satisfies: AH, International Awareness (Globe) Credit, Upper-Level for 380M and “S” Spring Term Course.


Dr. Michael Selmon & Mr. Murray Borrello


Tentatively Athens, Rhodes, Santorini, and Crete.



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