ENG 190M-01/290M-01/390M-03 Creative Writing Workshop

Course Description:

This is a poetry writing workshop with an emphasis on learning from the lives and works of the poets and writers who lived and worked in Key West. Key West is said to have hosted the greatest concentration of writers in the world including thirteen Pulitzer winners.  We’ll study the works of writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Wallace Stevens, Tennessee Williams and Elizabeth Bishop. We’ll visit their homes, go to the places they ate and drank and teak in many of the same sights that inspired these authors. Class will largely consist of students sharing materials written while in Key West while critiquing the work of the famous authors and their fellow students. Readings will consist of works written by the Key West authors.  Assignments will include keeping a daily journal, daily writing assignments and discussion of the work of students and established authors. The final assignment will be a portfolio of revised and edited work.  More writing will be expected of students taking the class at the 290/390 level and a public reading will be required for 390 credit.


Mr. Steven Vest




190 – None; 290 – 190 and Permission; 390 – 190, 290 and Permission

Course Fee: