ENG 182M/382M The Empire Writes Back: Cosmopolitan England

Course Description:

Explorations of museums, theaters, universities, historical sites, and neighborhoods will develop our insights into England’s layered story. We will sample a variety of short fiction, film, poetry, and theater in the context of our travel in order to arrive at exciting cosmopolitan competencies. How did England culturally process being colonized by ancient Rome and conquered by medieval France? What have been its cultural transactions with the civilizations of Asia and Africa over the last five centuries? How did the British Museum acquire artifacts from all around the world? Why do nearly 80% of “English” words originate outside of England? Let’s find out! Bring your curiosity, some good travel shoes, and a global sensibility.

This course satisfies: Second Language/International Awareness (globe), AH, Upper-Level for 382 and “S” Course Spring Term.


Dr. Maya Dora-Laskey




For 382, two courses in literature; for 182, no prerequisite

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