ECN 180M/MTH 180M/280M Explorations in Applied Computational Methods

Course Description:

Computers can do more than simply solving problems superfast. Computer-based methods have inspired and enabled people to make amazing achievements in engineering, biology, environmental studies, economics and finance, etc.
Together, we will create mathematical models to analyze a wide variety of real world problems. We will learn how the computer solves these models. We will write computer codes on the software MATLAB to solve and apply the models. We will also evaluate and improve existing models based on their usefulness and clarity. By the end, students of the course will master core computing techniques widely used in academic and business research.
The course is designed for students with experience in pre-calculus. No previous experience with computer coding is required. Strong math skills are welcome but not required at first: with an interactive and collaborative learning environment, the instructors hope to help students discover their
As of September 8, 2018
own dormant interest in applied mathematics and use such tools to expand their critical thinking skill set. Students enrolled for MTH 280M will have more extensive homework problems and will be grouped together for a more intense group project.

This course satisfies:SO for ECN, NS-3 for MTH, Upper-Level for MTH 280, ā€œSā€ Spring Term Course


Dr. Morgan Fonley and Dr. Nhan Le