BUS 380M Cybersecurity and Privacy Law and Management

Course Description:

Travels to Washington D.C. Explores the fundamentals of cybersecurity and privacy law and the respective management issues impacting all organizations. It considers the effect of changing technology and the balance of individual control versus government regulation of information. Open to all majors and all class ranks; however, maturity and confidentiality is essential. Cybersecurity and privacy are important issues across all disciplines and a contemporary topic for future careers. Disclaimer: Due to the nature of this course, there may be citizenship limitations to fully participate in all speakers and organization visits; students must be U.S. citizens for some visits and all students must be able to pass a federal background check. Different agencies and locations have various security requirements for which visitors must comply. Students unable to engage in the scheduled activities due to citizenship restrictions will be provided alternate assignments.

This course satisfies: Second Language/International Awareness (globe), Upper-Level and ā€œSā€ Course Spring Term


Dr. Elizabeth Cameron


Travels to Washington D.C.



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