ART 180M / NMS 180M / PHY 180M Monster Workshop

Course Description:

The monster is a powerful cultural expression of society; the monster is a mirror that shows us the deepest of hopes and fears. A monster is a creature that crosses borders and boundaries manifesting in ways that change during every generation. A monster is a creature of fragments, never behaving exactly as expected, always waiting, always hunting. This course concerns itself with the creation of monsters. The creation is done via a synergy of technology and art. However, we will be examining key social science and anthropological studies to provide models for looking at monsters as symptoms of individual and social anxieties. Students will spend a night on Mackinaw Island for a haunted tour experience.

Satisfies: AH for ART, NS-2 for PHY and ā€œSā€ Course Spring Requirement


Dr. Victor Argueta, Mr. Ben Lambert


On-Campus with Mackinaw Island for day trip



Course Fee: