Zou (Maggie) Yuanyuan


Modern Language Teaching Assistant — Chinese



Educational Background

B.A., Journalism, Tianjin Foreign Studies University (2017)

B.A., New Media Studies, Alma College (2017)

I am...

It’s interesting to pick a name “Maggie” for myself before I came to America in 2015. It makes me feeling closer to American culture. After studying in Alma College for 2 years, I had a chance to experience how different the cultures are between China and America. Now, as a Language Teaching Assistant in Chinese, I will be able to look at it from a totally different angle, and I am excited about it.

I am a person who always wants to try out different things and have dream of traveling around the world. America is my first stop, and I believe it will be very impressive. Alma is a small and peaceful town, which perfectly allows me to focus on my work, my studies, and enjoy my life here. 

My career at Alma began in