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Unit: Cyprus Conflict - Building Toward Peace

Purpose: Students will learn about the history and background of the Cyprus conflict. They will be able to work with charts, graphs, maps, and other datasets dealing with the conflict. Students will also learn to be sensitive to the fact that conflicts are diverse, difficult, and not easy to reach a resolution with even when both sides seek a solution, peace, and/or reunification. Their skills will then be transferable to study other conflicts in the world. This case study on Cyprus will follow our “Europe” unit.


State Standards:

Historical Inquiry and Analysis

  • 7 – H1.2.1 - Explain how historians use a variety of sources to explore the past (e.g., artifacts, primary and secondary sources including narratives, technology, historical maps, visual/mathematical quantitative data, radiocarbon dating, DNA analysis).
  • 7 – H1.2.4 - Compare and evaluate differing historical perspectives based on evidence.

Historical Understanding

  • 7 – H1.4.1 - Describe and use cultural institutions to study an era and a region (e.g., political, economic, religion/ belief, science/technology, written language, education, family).
  • 7 – H1.4.2 -  Describe and use themes of history to study patterns of change and continuity.
  • 7 – H1.4.3 -  Use historical perspectives to analyze global issues faced by humans long ago and today.

Geographical Inquiry and Analysis

  • 7 – G1.2.1 - Explain why maps of the same place may vary as a result of new knowledge and/or advances in science and technology.
  • 7 – G4.4.1 - Identify and explain factors that contribute to conflict and cooperation between and among cultural groups (e.g., natural resources, power, culture, wealth).
  • 7 – G4.4.2 - Describe examples of cooperation and conflict within the era understudy

Conflict and Cooperation Between and Among Other Nations

  • 7 – C4.3.1 - Explain how governmental systems addressed issues and formed policies throughout history and how those policies may not be consistent with our views on similar issues today.
  • 7 – C4.3.2 - Analyze the impact of laws and treaties on the maintenance of order in the eras under study.