Dow Digital Science Center

Core2017: D. Clark

One of the primary goals of the Dow Digital Science Center is to provide an opportunity for remote monitoring and data collection for elementary and middle school students. This summer, we will continue to develop the “digital” nature trail system at the Forest Hill Nature Area (FHNA) by designing new data collection stations for students to learn about the wildlife and the habitat. We will be designing projects where data can be tallied in real me on an iPad’s and up-linked immediately via wireless to the server at Alma for data processing and distribution.

Several projects are being considered for development this summer, including:

  1. Plants and wildflowers of FHNA
  2. Birds of FHNA
  3. Spiders of FHNA
  4. Old field succession
  5. Aquatic sampling
  6. Science Information Videos
  7. Drone Survey.

Teachers will help establish these data collection workstations and design an activity that can be carried out by students. Elementary and middle school teachers are encouraged to apply for this opportunity. Bringing your own student is optional.