Dow Digital Science Center

Forest Hill Bird Cams

Bird nesting boxes aren’t just an attempt to catch a glimpse of a unique or sought after bird but are an important step in helping certain species of birds to survive.  We are excited to have two nesting boxes with cameras inside to not only help birds survive but also to be a part of the wonder of the life cycle of a bird.  These nesting boxes are located behind Forest Hill Nature Area’s classroom.  One box is located in the shadows of trees and the other is out in the open to encourage different types of birds to use these boxes.  

We invite you to join us in monitoring the nest boxes!  Already we have seen Eastern Bluebirds coming in and out of one of the nest boxes and this is a great sign!  Please check daily on the website to see nesting progress and help us in monitor the number of eggs and chicks in the nest.  If you are interested in setting up your own nest boxes please visit and get in on the fun and excitement of encouraging our native birds to thrive!