ENV 180M/380M Food Culture, Health, and the Environment: EU and U.S.

Course Description:

This spring term experience will look at how agriculture works in both the U.S. and EU, how our diet is determined through different types of decision-making, and the constant problems of environmental impacts from farming. Also, we will ask how the culture of food has remained consistent over millennia in both France and Italy. Field trips include farm visits, visits to food processing facilities, restaurants, vineyards, and shops in the U.S. and EU. We will also investigate the “slow-food movement” in Italy, and the idea of “country-of-origin” product identification. We will begin in Paris, a global culinary capital, and move south by train to important wine-growing regions, over the Alps into Italy. While in Italy, we will visit Bologna (food capital of the world), and end the trip at the Center for Global Dialogue at Wroxton University, 50 miles north of London, England.

This course satisfies: Upper-Level for 380 and ” S” Course Spring Requirement (pending)


Mr. Murray Borrello


U.S. and EU


None for 180M, one course in ENV and at least one other science course for 380M.

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