Elizabeth Bierlein


Neuroscience and Psychology



I'm involved in:

Research, Chapel, Bible Studies (Tea Time with God and Katie Wasserman’s), Psych Club, and Marching Band,

After I graduate, I plan to:

Attend graduate school and earn a PhD in Neuroscience

My favorite place on campus is:

SAC Basement

Some of my favorite professors include:

Dr. Swalve, Dr. Fonley, Dr. Setterlund, Dr. Stupica

So far, my favorite class(es) have been:

Physiological Psychology, Neuroscience Seminar, Origins of Psychology, Sensation and Perception

My greatest accomplishment at Alma is:

The research with which I have been involved

I'd advise an Alma freshman to:

Take opportunities to learn and to experience, but not so much that you’re overwhelmed

What I like most about studying at Alma is:

The opportunities I have had to study in Germany, to research, and to expand my horizons by taking classes outside of my major

My favorite part about living on campus is:

Everything is super close