Chelsea Martin

While attending Alma I was actively involved in the Theatre Company. I was a member of Alpha Xi Delta and held multiple positions. I also worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Biology department, and helped care for the reptile collection. I was also involved in Alpha Psi Omega and was actively involved in doing undergraduate research with Dr. John Rowe.

My hometown when I was a student was

Delton, MI

I graduated in


I studied

Biology and Theatre

I currently live in

Springfield, MO

I am now

I am currently a graduate student in the biology department at Missouri State University. I work as a Teaching Assistant, where I teach Bio 111 Labs, which is a bio class for non-majors.

Since graduating from Alma

Since I graduated, I moved to Springfield, MO and started working at/attending Missouri State University. 

My Alma education

Attending Alma College definitely helped me get into Grad school. I was able to gain a large amount of undergraduate research experience that really helped to set me apart from other applicants. My research also inspired me to pursue Graduate school and to continue studying Herpetology. If I had never had the opportunity to be a part of the PRISIM program the summer of my freshman year, and to do research with Dr. Rowe, I probably never would have interacted with wilds snakes and I never would have discovered that I love reptiles. So, I’m really thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that I had while attending Alma.
I think that being really active in the Theater also helped me get into Grad school. Due to the fact that I was so involved on campus, it shows that I have good time management skills and that I can do things other than Biology.  At most large schools, you have to be a Theatre major, or want to pursue acting professionally to be involved in the company. At Alma, I had the opportunity to be actively involved and to be cast in large roles, even though I wanted to be a Biologist. I really value these opportunities as well.
Working in the Theater really helped me discover myself. I gained better communication skills and learned how to be confident and outgoing. Now that I’m teaching undergraduates in lab, I use the skills I’ve learned in Theatre to better teach my students. 

My favorite place(s) on campus included

The Theater, the Bog, my room in the Alpha Xi Delta house (I loved that closet!), and the library.

My favorite professors(s) included

I don’t know if I have a favorite professor. I loved all of my professors in the Bio department: Dr. Rowe, Dr. Clark, and Mr. Bishop. They were really amazing and funny. I always knew that if I had any questions or concerns, I could go to them and they would have my back.

I also loved Joe! He was always there if I needed him for advice or just someone to listen to me.