IPH 380M Meals on Wheels

Course Description:

The course will explore sports nutrition and the relationship between the food you eat and your physical performance. We will consider how nutrition influences various body processes associated with energy production and recovery from exercise. We will also be sampling healthy foods and engaging in extensive physical activities including cycling, jogging, zumba, and weight training. Participants must be prepared to ride 500-600 miles over the course of the spring term. The course will include one 2-day trip, one 3-day trip, and one extended 5-day bike tour covering 30-50 miles/day. The course fee will cover motel accommodations for these trips as well as breakfast, dinner, and SAG services. Students will complete a diet/activity record including a detailed analysis of their energy balance. The course is open to any student who owns a fitness or road bicycle and wants to participate in a fun, high-energy and enlightening experience.

This course satisfies: Upper-Level and ā€œSā€ course spring requirement.


Dr. Maurie Luetkemeier and Ms. Marlene Wenta



Course Fee: