BUS 280M/HCA 280M Emergency Management

Course Description:

Accidents and emergency situations have plagued man since the beginning of history and will undoubtedly occur during our conceivable future. The Fundamentals of Emergency Management course explores the principles and practices of project and program management: the development of activities in each of the four phases of emergency management (preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery); the importance of continuity of government, continuity of operations, and business continuity planning (COG/COOP/BCP) for private, non-government sectors; and development of successful emergency management teams. It includes the role of local, regional and national services in a variety of man- made and natural disasters. This course is intended for a broad audience including Business Administration, Health Care Administration, Environmental Studies, Integrative Physiology and Health Sciences, International Business Administration, Management, Psychology, Public Health, Sociology and others having an interest in gaining a working knowledge of preparedness. 


Dr. Dale Sanders


Tentatively the class will spend time in the U.S. and Canada

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