REL 180M/380M Germany: Places of the Reformation

Course Description:

Professor Marcus Richter – a native of Germany – will take students to Germany to learn about the impact the protestant reformation had on their majors or minors. This class will visit Wittenberg, Leipzig, Eisenach (Wartburg Castle), Erfurt, Weimar, Berlin, Munich, and the Bavarian mountain side. Students will be engaged in topics that pertain to religious studies, history, and music and connect to their fields of interest. We will visit a book printing museum, Wartburg castle where Luther translated the New Testament, the place where Luther was born and where he died, and the place where Luther taught as a professor of theology. In addition, students will visit museums and places that highlight Germany’s recent history. Students will be exposed to German culture, life, and cuisine, e.g., we will attend a Bundesliga soccer game.

This course satisfies: International Awareness (globe), AH, Upper-Level, Quill (for 380M) and “S” course spring requirement. 


Mr. Marcus Richter



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