HST 180CM/380CM: China Past and Present: History and Culture

Course Description:

This course allows students to personally experience China and Chinese people by exploring their history, culture, and society. Students will visit different cities, universities, rural communities, and interact with Chinese students and people in real life. We will learn not only China’s rich ancient history and culture but also its current economic and social developments and changes. China is a land of diversity that few people in the world truly realize
As of September 8, 2018
until they see it. China is about the size of the United States but its population is six times that of America’s. Undoubtedly China faces tremendous challenges in going through drastic economic, political and social changes. All students including first year students are welcome to join this class.

This course satisfies: Second Language/International Awareness (globe), SO, “S” Course Spring Term, UL and Quill for 380.


Liping Bu




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