ENG 280M Fan Culture

Course Description:

From Punk Rock to One Direction and from My Little Pony to English Football, this seminar explores media fandoms and the “texts” they revolve around. Particular attention will be paid to these fandom’s values, practices, and membership, as well as the transformative works they produce. Students will engage with primary texts to see how they form fandoms and they will visit fandoms as they perform at conventions, conferences, and events. Students will also navigate fan created paratexts to better understand how far-reaching and impactful textual interpretation and reinterpretation can be while simultaneously examining the commercial/business effect of today’s fan practices. Finally, they will
immerse themselves in contemporary cultural scholarship so as to gain critical perspective of fan cultures.

This course satisfies: AH, Upper-Level, and “S” Course Spring Requirement


Dr. Matt Cicci


Detroit, MI

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