Office of Alumni Engagement

Georgia (Fisher) Guiett

My hometown when I was a student was

Dexter, MI

I graduated in


I studied

Music education with a vocal emphasis

I currently live in

Alma, MI

I am now

A guidance counselor at Alma High School.

Since graduating from Alma

I have earned two masters degrees one in Vocal Music Education and one in Counseling. (I am licensed counselor in the state of Michigan and in the public schools.)

My Alma education

Was the best choice I ever made.  I don’t have words to describe how much fun I had or how much I learned.  My time at Alma College is invaluable. My time at Alma College gave me a solid foundation for teaching music and for further studies as well as, and maybe most importantly, a handful of professors and educators who believed in me, supported me, and were willing to help in any way possible during my career at Alma and as I started my career as an educator.

My favorite place(s) on campus included

“New Dorms” (they probably aren’t called that anymore) and Saga (also, probably not called that anymore).

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is

Walking to the chapel every afternoon for choir rehearsal.