Office of Alumni Engagement

Brett Yzquierdo

I graduated in


I studied

Music Education

I currently live in

Kalamazoo, Michigan

I am now

Teaching nearly 300 students in eight 6-12 Grade choirs at Paw Paw Middle School and High School.

Since graduating from Alma

Since graduating Alma, I have had some amazing opportunities work as a substitute teacher, lead two separate community choirs, directed a church choir, performed on stage in “Titanic: The Musical” and “Les Miserable” and am now entering my 4th year teaching in Paw Paw!

My Alma education

The personal attention I received from the professors, who encouraged me to seek out every opportunity I could, helped me to get where I am today. As I reflect on my time at Alma, I vividly remember having one-on-one conversations with so many of my professors. When I graduated, I felt truly prepared to enter the workforce and to be a leader. Alma helped me in so many ways. At Alma, professors never said my ideas were too big or out there. Instead, my professors listened to me and then asked how they could help facilitate them. Alma prepared me for an exceptional student teaching experience which helped me get a full time teaching job just a few months after graduation.

My favorite place(s) on campus included

The Chapel, Eddy Music Building, the Chapel Lawn, and the Phi Mu Alpha house!

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is

I have so many great memories of my time at Alma! I think, however, that the tours I had with the Alma Choir are some of my favorites! What’s fun is that Choir Tour can still be fun for me – Paw Paw High School recently hosted the Alma Choir for a concert.