Lauren Woolbright

Coming to Alma from the Carolinas, Lauren Woolbright puts her expertise in writing to use in the creative, interdisciplinary pursuit of video game design. 


Assistant Professor


New Media Studies

Educational Background

  • BA, English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • MA, English, Clemson University
  • Ph.D. Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design, Clemson University

My career at Alma began in


I'm an expert in

inclusive game design

My expertise:

Game Studies

Gender Studies

Race and Ethnicity

Environmental Justice

Signature course(s):

Interactive Media, Ecomedia, Game Design

Recent publications:

 “Where the Wild Games Are: Ecologies in Latin American Video Games” in Ecomedia: Key Issues. Routledge. Co-author: Thaiane Oliveira. Editors Steven Rust, Salma Monani, and Sean Cubitt


Recent presentations:

“Playing Animal.” Beyond the Human: Rhetorics of Defining, Becoming, and Playing “Animal.” Co-panelists Hayley Zertuche and Alex Parrish, May 2016, Atlanta, GA

Presenter: Rhetoric Society of America 2016


“Designs That Play: Why Scholars Should Design Video Games.” “Listen!” The Legend of the Social Justice Warrior, or: Games and Social Advocacy. Co-panelists Samantha Blackmon, Alex Layne, Kate Hanzalik, April 2016, Houston, TX

Presenter: Conference on College Composition and Communication 2016


“Women Make, Gamers Feel Threatened.” Altered (By) Women: Crafting, Playing Bodies. Co-panelists Josh Wood and Mari Ramler, October 2015, Tempe, AZ

Digital Presenter: Tenth Biennial Rhetorics and Feminisms Conference 2015


“The Siren’s Song: Monstrous Women in Video Games.” Of Dungeon Crawls and Chthonic Uprisings: Unearthing the Ecological Subtexts of Games. Co-panelists Alenda Chang, Jarrod Hagadorn, Elise Mitchell, Melissa M. Bianchi, June 2015, Moscow, ID

Presenter: Eleventh Biennial Association for Studies of Literature and Environment Conference


“The Vampire in the Video Game: Composing Arguments and Teaching With Video Games.” Risky Composition: Game Design as Theory and Pedagogy. Chair Samantha Blackmon, Co-panelists Steve Holmes and Glenn Southergill, March 2015, Tampa, FL

Presenter: Conference on College Composition and Communication 2015


“Play as Pedagogy.” Open Axes. Co-panelists Jan Holmevik, Steve Katz, and Patricia Fancher, March 2014, Indianapolis, IN

Presenter: Conference on College Composition and Communication 2014


“Serious Games and Serious Issues: Ecocriticism in Mojang’s Minecraft

February 2014, Columbia, SC

Presenter: Carolina Rhetoric Conference 2014


“Players Gone Wild: World of Warcraft’s Ecological Ethics”, May 2013, Kansas University, Lawrence, KS

Presenter: Association for Studies of Literature and Environment Tenth Biennial Conference

Creative work:

The Blood of the Vampire, text-based video game, 2016