Rachel Shane

My hometown when I was a student was

Stevensville, MI

I graduated in


I studied


I currently live in

Niles, MI

I am now

Children’s Therapist

Since graduating from Alma

I went on to Grand Valley State University and graduated with my Master of Social Work in 2015. While finishing my Master’s, I worked with both Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients and their families at an adult day center and also with children who had experienced child abuse, neglect, and unsubstantiated child sexual abuse by supervising visitations between children and perpetrating parents. When I graduated, I accepted a position as a children’s therapist with the YWCA North Central in South Bend, IN. I provide individual counseling, family counseling, parenting classes, and parenting support to families both in the shelter and in the community that have experienced domestic violence, parental substance use, or sexual assault. Since graduating, I have become a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Indiana and I am looking forward to becoming EMDR Certified this fall!

My Alma education

I felt as though my education at Alma was tailored to me. Dr. Fobes (my advisor) invested her time/energy to both encourage and challenge me to make my four years at Alma as fulfilling as possible. After working with the professors at Alma, I found graduate school to be an academically easy two years!

My favorite place(s) on campus included

The Chapel (spent a lot of time there for rehearsals with the Alma College Choir), and Joe’s for late night caffeine runs!

My favorite professors(s) included

Dr. Fobes and Dr. Nichols

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is

There are too many from which to choose! Probably either participating in the Festival of Carols or presenting my senior thesis at Honor’s Day.

My off-campus study experience(s) included

I participated in a Spring Term called “Women, Work, and Calling” led by Dr. Fobes and based in London, England. I count the month my classmates and I spent studying the lives of women who found the intersection of personal/professional and created a life of living their callings to be one of the most pivotal experiences in my life thus far. It was in London that I realized that my life experiences shaped me in a way that made me uniquely suited for my future profession- in other words, I found my calling!