Registrar’s Office

1040 PSY

Fifty-six credits, which must include:

  1. Core Content: PSY-120 or PSY-121, 201, 220, and 356; BIO-121; CHM-115; PSY-203 or BIO-319 or IPH-340; BIO-207 or IPH-231; two credits of research (PSY-399, 499, or 500, or any upper-level independent research); four additional credits from Psychology.
  2. At least 18 credits (twelve consisting of upper-level courses) from the following:  BIO-204, 221, 320, 360, 361, BCM-321, CHM-223, 224, CSC-120, ECN-314, IPH-403, MTH-121, PHL-229, PHY-112 or 121, or other courses approved by the program director.
  3. Potential majors are strongly recommended to consult with the program director to develop a more specialized program of courses.  Additional courses may be required for certain graduate schools and different courses are recommended dependent on interests in specific subfields of neuroscience (i.e. computational, behavioral, cognitive, developmental, social, and molecular).
  4. Neuroscience is considered an interdisciplinary major, which requires 56 upper-level credits to graduate in accordance with the guidelines in the academic catalog