Office of Alumni Engagement

Colleen Riggle

My hometown when I was a student was

Sarasota, FL

I graduated in


I studied

Exercise and Health Science with an emphasis on Public Health

I currently live in

Tyrone, GA (metro Atlanta)

I am now

Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Women’s Resource Center at Georgia Tech.

Since graduating from Alma

I got a master’s degree, have worked at two colleges, got married, had a baby (in addition to two-step kids), and am now working on my doctorate in student affairs leadership.  I have travelled to Europe (twice), Hawaii, and started a photography career with my husband part time.  

My Alma education

is owed to my admission’s counselor Chris Brown, who I remember calling me (on our landline) to recruit me!  We loved the campus so much that my brother, Mike Petterson, transferred from the Community College up to Alma too.  We started the same year, and had a great experience, driving from Florida to Michigan each semester (and spring breaks too).  I am thankful for all the student affairs folks like Marty Stack, Jim Kridler, who had an impact on my current career!

My favorite place(s) on campus included

Chapel; (the old) recreation center; Gelston Hall; Saga; (the old) Phi Sigma Sigma House; New Dorms

My favorite professors(s) included

All of them! I truly had the best experience with all my faculty members, but need to give a special shout out to Dr. Murray Borrello who allowed me to do a practicum with him my last semester so I would have enough credit to graduate on time! I learned so much about Superfund Sites, and environmental hazards and chemicals in the earth!  Additionally, Bill Weaver, who taught my bagpipe class, I had for all 4 years, and was a super guy!

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is

I was an Alma College piper! I was the sole piper for several years, so those memories of playing at EVERY AC event is truly memorable! I am so glad to see there is a large pipe band now, and competing!