Admissions & Aid

Daniela Ribadeneira

Class of


My home country is


I am

a degree-seeking student

I'm studying


I'm involved in

The International Club (IClub) and Hispanic Coalition.

I chose Alma College because

I really wanted to study in the U.S. and I think that Alma College is a very good place to study because there are not so many people so the classes are smaller and the professor can concentrate on each student and help them with their problems.

The Alma community is

small. The teachers care about you and help with everything you need so you can have the best education. Alma is a very small city and everyone is very friendly and welcoming. 

I'd advise a new student becoming a Scot

to always be very friendly and nice with people. Every freshman is in the same spot as you, all of them are by themselves and are nervous about college, but if you you are nice to people it is going to be very easy to make friends.

My accomplishments while attending Alma have been

joining clubs, gaining friends, working on my English more. 

My professional career goals are

to study business further after Alma College and maybe become a fashion designer.