Admissions & Aid

Aram Lee

Class of


My home country is

South Korea

I am

an alumnus/alumna

I'm studying

Business Administration and Communication

I'm involved in

Tedx, International Club (IClub), ENACTUS and I also worked on campus at the Alma College Bookstore

I chose Alma College because

I could study a year at Alma College whereas other exchange programs only offer a quarter or semester study. 

The Alma community is

Alma College gives great opportunities to participate in things and has less Korean students on campus than others so I can continue to learn English faster and better. 

The Alma Community is rural, but friendly. Students here are so nice and kind and friendly to international students.  

I'd advise a new student becoming a Scot

to try and participate in clubs. There are a lot of interesting clubs in Alma College. In a club, you can meet friends, advisors and get more involved in society. 

My accomplishments while attending Alma have been

I want to become a person who understands other countries’ culture more easily. I got a job on campus, volunteered on campus and in the local church. I also took driving lessons so I tried new things that I would not have done back home.

My professional career goals are

to be a marketing manager.