Admissions & Aid

Tiago De Mesquita

Class of


My home country is


I am

an alumnus/alumna

I'm studying

Business Administration

I'm involved in

The International Club (IClub), Rotaract and Student Congress.

I chose Alma College because

A few years ago, when I was studying English in my home country, I had an English professor who graduated from Alma College. He told me many stories about how great his experience was at Alma. So I applied here. It was the best decision I have ever made.

The Alma community is

a very small and rural city in the middle of Michigan. It can be frustrating at first, especially if you come from a big city. However, the community here is super friendly and it will not take long for you to start loving this place. The small class environment at Alma College will give you a much greater opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussion and have a professor who actually knows who you are. In addition, Alma College offers many leadership programs that all students can take advantage of while studying here.

I'd advise a new student becoming a Scot

Do not be afraid! Alma College will be the best experience of your life and when you get here, always take advantage of free food at the many events. 

My accomplishments while attending Alma have been

meeting Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson when he came to Alma last year. 

My professional career goals are

to use everything I learned here to become a successful businessman.