Josie Sabo ’17



Coopersville, MI


New Media Studies, Art & Design

Summary of your experience:

I studied still photography and film in Italy.

What did you learn as a result of this experience?

I gained new skills and an appreciation for new cultures that I would not have been able to get anywhere else. I also learned that it is okay to go at your own pace and to develop a personal style instead of rushing to just get a project done. I am very proud of the work I completed and have a better patience when it comes to myself and others.

How has your Alma Venture solidified or altered your career goals?

I am definitely more comfortable with a camera now and how to experiment even in stressful situations. I will be able to apply this towards future projects by managing tasks and staying open to new solutions.

What was the most rewarding experience during your Alma Venture?

My favorite part of this experience was being able to visit many different places with various lifestyles. We were able to stay in each location long enough to get familiar with it, but never long enough to get bored. I was constantly falling in love with a city but also looking forward to the next one.

What advice would you give a student considering this type of Alma Venture?

My experience in Italy was amazing and I wish I could relive it a thousand times over. Each city had a unique personality to it but they all felt like home. I would completely recommend this experience to other students because you really learn a lot about yourself, your classmates and your professional work.