Viki Everhart

Viki began working full time as the Library Acquisitions Specialist in 2000. When the decision was made to digitize the archive photos, Viki took an interest and began overseeing the project. Today there are over 8,000 photos scanned in and accessible online (see link here or on the library web page). Added responsibilities progressed into assisting patrons in using the Alma College Archives. Today Viki splits her time between ordering materials for the library, managing the online photos, and being the contact person for archives.



Acquisitions and Special Collections Specialist

My career at Alma began in


I help students by

Ordering library materials that may assist them in research and reinforce what is taught in the classroom.

Educational background

1982 Michigan State University-Business Administration

In my role at Alma, I get most excited when...

I see the archive photos being used for display on campus or in Alma College publications.

What I love most about Alma College is...

the small campus and student body. Having spent four years at a large university I felt like a number in a book with no personal connection to the faculty.

I chose to work at Alma College because...

I was looking for a change of career and was excited to be given the opportunity to work in an academic library.