Amanda Harwood


Assistant Professor


Biology and Environmental Studies

Educational Background

B.A. in Biology and Chemistry from Monmouth College

M.S. and Ph.D. in Zoology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Assistant Professor

My career at Alma began in


I'm an expert in

Aquatic toxicology

My expertise:

My major research areas are the toxicity and bioavailability of pesticides, legacy pollutants, and road salts.I am also an expert in the using mayflies for toxicity and bioaccumulation testing. While most of my work is on macroinvertebrates, I also have a strong interest in the role of pollution on public health.

Signature course(s):

Environmental Toxicology, Global Health Perspectives, Risk Assessment, Environmental Health, and Introduction to Environmental Studies

Recent publications:

Archer M, Harwood AD, Nutile SA, Huff Hartz KE, Mills M, Garvey J, Lydy MJ.2018. The value of multiple metrics to evaluate PCB exposure. Arch Environ Contam Toxicol 74:361-371.

Nutile SA, Harwood AD, Sinche FL, Huff Hartz K, Landrum PF. 2017. The robustness of single-point Tenax extractions of pyrethroids: Effects of the Tenax to organic carbon mass ratio on exposure estimates. Chemosphere 171:308-317.

Nutile SA, Harwood AD, Sinche FL, Huff Hartz KE, Landrum PF, Lydy MJ. 2017. Methodological and environmental impacts on bioaccessibility estimates provided by single-point Tenax extractions. Arch Environ Contam Toxicol 72:612-621.

Thorngren JT, Harwood AD, Murphy TM, Huff Hartz KE, Fung C, Lydy MJ. 2017. Fate and risk of atrazine and sulfentrazone to non-target species at an agricultural site. Environ Toxicol Chem 36: 1301-1310.

Muggelberg LL, Huff Hartz K, Nutile SA, Harwood AD, Heim J, Derby A, Weston DP, Lydy MJ. 2017. Do pyrethroid-resistant Hyalella azteca have greater bioaccumulation potential compared to non-resistant populations? Implications for bioaccumulation in fish Enviro Poll 220: 375-382.

Harwood AD, Rothert AK, Lydy MJ. 2015. Letter to the editor. Environ Toxicol Chem 34: 1463.

Harwood AD, Nutile SA, Landrum PF, Lydy MJ. 2015. Tenax extraction as a simple approach to improve risk assessments. Environ Toxicol Chem 34: 1445-1453.

Lydy MJ, Harwood AD, Nutile S, Landrum PF.2015. Tenax extractions of sediments to estimate desorption and bioavailability of hydrophobic contaminants: A literature review. Integ Environ Ass Manag 11: 208-220.

Recent presentations:

Wilson HR, Harwood AD. Evaluating E. coli exposure to anglers of the Pine River (Michigan USA). Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry North America 39th National Meeting, Sacramento CA, November 2018. (poster)

Roach BE, Wilson HR, Harwood AD. Development of chronic water-only toxicity testing using Hexagenia. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry North America 39th National Meeting, Sacramento CA, November 2018. (poster)

Harwood AD, Roach BE, Wilson H Mason N. Development of chronic water-only testing methods using Hexagenia. Best in Science Symposium:Current Mayfly Research. Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, March 2018. (Invited oral)

Harwood AD. Incorporating primary literature into the (toxicology) classroom. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry North America 38th National Meeting, Minneapolis MN, November 2017. (oral)