Morgan Fonley


Assistant Professor


Mathematics and Computer Science

Educational Background

PhD     Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences (AMCS), University of Iowa

MS      Mathematics, University of Iowa

BS       Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Iowa

BA       Mathematics, University of Iowa


Assistant Professor

My career at Alma began in


Recent publications:

  1. M. Fonley, R. Mantilla, S. Small, R. Curtu. Doing hydrology backward: the soil and evaporation requirements to achieve a prescribed streamflow pattern. In preparation, 2015.
  2. M. Fonley, R. Mantilla, S. Small, R. Curtu. On the propagation of diel signals in river networks using analytic solutions of flow equations. Hydrology and Earth Science Systems. Submitted, 2015 (Published on discussion forum).
  3. R. Curtu, M. Fonley. Nonlinear response in runoff magnitude to fluctuating rain patterns. Chaos 25, 036409, 2015.
  4. R. Curtu, R. Mantilla, M. Fonley, L. K. Cunha, S. J. Small, L. O. Jay, W. F. Krajewski. An integral-balance nonlinear model to simulate changes in soil moisture, groundwater, and surface runoff dynamics at the hillslope scale, Advances in Water Resources 71, 125-139, 2014.
  5. S. J. Small, L. O. Jay, R. Mantilla, R. Curtu, L. K. Cunha, M. Fonley, W. F. Krajewski. An asynchronous solver for systems of ODEs linked by a directed tree structure, Advances in Water Resources 53, 23-32, 2013.
  6. R. Mantilla, L.K. Cunha, W.F. Krajewski, S.J. Small, L.O. Jay, M. Fonley, R. Curtu. Simulation of a distributed flood control system using a parallel asynchronous solver for systems of ODEs, Proceedings Applied Simulation and Modeling/777: Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing. DOI:10.2316/P.2012.776-042, 2012.